Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Epilogue, Park City, UT, October 27, 2009

Dear Friends,

The journey completed, back home in Utah, looking out the window with the snow falling gently announcing the early coming of winter, I sit and reflect on the deep well I have drunk from as I rode across this immense land.

My thoughts go out to each and every one of you who have made such a difference in people's lives and who have been so kind to me along my path. Thank you so very much for all you are and all you do. I am very touched and blessed.

I turn to the business now of asking for your support: not for me, but to those less fortunate and in need of progress and movement in their lives. At the outset of my trip I believed that I would raise funds for several charities. I have since narrowed down my choices and selected a very worthy one, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, to be the recipient of your gifts.

This is often referred to as "the giving time of year", and I am sure that you are receiving multitudes of requests to donate to all sorts of worthy causes. I would like you to consider my donation page to JDRF as one of the choices that you choose to give to. The charity performs good work in both the research for a cure for Type 1, juvenile, diabetes, as well as support activities and work for the children and families of those struggling to manage this potentially devastating LIFETIME disease.

I have an ambitious fundraising goal of $20,000 to meet, but I believe the goal is met one donation at a time, so I ask that you please consider giving what you can to this worthy cause.

Again, to donate to JDRF, please CLICK HERE!

As you ride through life: May the sun shine upon your shoulders, all your days be fair, the wind at your back and the grade downhill!

With warm regards,

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