Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 58 Owen Sound to Craigleith Provincial Park, ON

Day 58 Owen Sound to Craigleith Provincial Park, ON
34 Miles
2752 total miles

Took the easy way out today as I found the library in Owen Sound to post some photos up to the blog. Made it as far as Craigleith Provincial Park where I set up my tent on the shale shores of Lake Huron in the shadows of the Blue Mountains. On my way to the campground I passed the wreckage of what was apparently a tornado, immediately next to the section of the Georgian Trail that I was riding on, just next to the Blue Mountain ski resort. Trees were snapped off half-way up their trunks , roofs torn up, and debris everywhere. It happened a couple of weeks ago on August 20 when I was back in Michigan and tornadoes were reported in Ontario and Quebec during that time. Explored the shale shoreline for a little and observed many fossils-- trilobites, etc. That are part of the fossil record there. One may look, but it is forbidden to keep any of the specimens. The sunset was spectacular as it set over Cape Rich to the west of the campgroaund. Made friends with my neighbors at the campsite, Brigette, her 2 doughters Vanessa and Amelia and Vanessa's boyfriend Chad and little dog Tanika. They invited me over for some of Amelia's guitar music by the campfire, some originals and some old stand-bys. Very enjoyable and capped off with a cup of hot cocoa and Bailey's Cream!

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