Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 62 Peterborough to Tweed, ON Saturday September 5, 2009

Day 62 Peterborough to Tweed, ON Saturday September 5, 2009

64 Miles
2965 total miles

Rode out of Peterborough with Sue and Ian guiding the way on the back roads. We stopped at the world famous Peterborough lift locks built in 1904 on the Trent-Severn waterway and witnessed a couple of tour boats being lowered 50 or more feet in a big tub of water! I never knew there was such an invention, but the physical principle is simple and the same as that involved for any hydraulic lift jack-- but size of the lift pistons required to lift the mass of boats and water-- now that's a different story! The Trent-Severn canal goes from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron and is a popular trip for boaters. On my way to Tweed, I looked for the Trans Canada trail where it was indicated on the maps, and found, instead, depending on the locale, old rail tracks or rough ATV rutted rail grade, but none of the promised limestone screenings. The map set I am using published by a consortium of various trails councils have been somewhat misleading, whether I'm looking for a paved road, a road with a shoulder or a cycling trail in good condition. Much of the overall trails plan here in Ontario is still " a good notion" awaiting a budget, zoning or use permits or some other reason. The result is a discontinuous system of trails, which is hit-or-miss. When they are good, though, they are very good and getting off the road is a great way to relax a bit and see some scenery instead of the white-knuckle alternative on the provincial highways. My Warm Showers hosts in Tweed, Stacey Berdan and Greg Kerr, tri-athletes in their own right, were very accommodating. Greg also had a great uncle, Sylva Biron, and an uncle, Gerald Kerr, who lived in my hometown of Rumford , Maine! I have more great information about the route ahead and have been convinced to spend a little more time in Ontario, to visit the historic port town of Kingston, the former capital of Canada, and the Thousand Islands boat tour near Gananoque. I should make it to the states in about 2 days.

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