Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 60-61 Barrie to Sharon to Peterborough, ON

Day 60-61 Barrie to Sharon to Peterborough, ON
Thursday-Friday September 3-4, 2009
39/62 Miles
2840/2902 total miles

Compressing two postings into 1 as I work my way across Ontario. the weather has been so kind to me that I have decided to take a more leisurely pace across this section, enjoying some of the sights and lounging in the sun a bit. My tent was so wet from the dew at the campground yesterday, it took some extra time to dry out-- besides, there was a great saltwater pool at the Bare Oaks resort and I couldn't resist getting some sun and vitamin D on parts of me that don't normally see the sun ;)

The ride into Peterborough was enhanced by an end of the day ride in the oncoming moonlight along the Omemee section of the Trans Canada trail, where I arrived at the home of Susan Sauve who works in transportation planning in Peterborough and Ian Attridge who is founder and director of the Kawartha Heritage Conservancy, a public land trust, were magnanimous hosts in the Warm Showers network. Enjoyed a relaxing evening and morning brunch with them and their friends Richard and Renee and set my sights on my next stop in Tweed.


  1. heyy its colleen. i had no idea you were doing this adventure. what are you doing after you reach maine? i would love to have you come visit us.

  2. Lee:

    Just checking up on your progress. Looks like a great trip. I hope you get out of the north before it gets too cold.

    Take care and good luck with the rest of your trip,