Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 70 Morrisville, VT to Lancaster, NH

Day 70 Morrisville, VT to Lancaster, NH
September 13, 2009
66 Miles
3357 total miles

Left Morrisville in a drizzle, but not before another constitutional cup of coffee and in impossible to resist blueberry muffin, which consisted of at least as much blueberry as it did muffin! Route 15 going east was a steady climb up to and a little past Walden, afterwards a great descent on route 2 down into St. Johnsbury. I gathered some more provisions at the local health food store, and by this time the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds. Glimpses of the departing Green Mountains and the approaching White Mountains triggered many good memories of times spent in some of these mountains and a bit of nostalgia mixed with the excitement of the upcoming reunions with friends and family so near, and yet on the other side of the mountains. Another big climb and then another descent into the Connecticut River Valley on the Vermont side at the end of the day with radiant gold light playing across the pastures and corn fields and illuminating the valley and mountains on the east, New Hampshire, side.

My hosts in Lancaster for the evening were Carol and Dave Haas who were extremely easygoing and seasoned bike tourists in their own right. Dave is now retired and taking full advantage of the time afforded by his new situation--he recently completed a spring tour coming across the southern tier from Houston, to Mobile and then back up to New York and Vermont. Keep riding , Dave! We watched some baseball and Sunday night football together, but honestly I couldn't keep my eyes open, the day's ride had taken its toll on me, so I retired in the 3rd quarter!

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