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Day 10 Thursday 7/16/09

Day 10 Thursday 7/16/09
Spokane, WA to Hayden Lake, ID
47 Miles
435 total miles

After visiting with the Bradley's this morning I received a 4 person bicycle escort and tour of the South Hill section of Spokane, a meandering route through cool, shady, tree lined boulevards past hundreds of beautiful 1910-20 construction craftsman style, American 4-square and other assorted classic homes. We stopped in a couple of parks and visited the Japanese gardens before we said our goodbyes. I like Spokane! Spent just a little more time downtown where I enjoyed a sidewalk café across from Riverwalk Park, had some refreshments and was approached by Lance, who is paraplegic but very interested in doing a cross country seated cycle trip-- I encouraged him to start soon, meanwhile thinking to myself that it will require some effort, but when I looked at Lance's arms I am pretty sure he will have little difficulty, probably far less than I-- the man is built like a rock! It is interesting how I project my limited understanding onto others very reflexively, only to catch myself in the act. One more thing to work on. I plotted my journey out of town, and headed to the Centennial trail.

Centennial Trail was very enjoyable, following the river course, moderate grades and past swimming holes on the Spokane River, mostly protected from traffic and noise and passing through ponderosa pine shady spots which was greatly appreciated due to the afternoon heat-- the thermometer read 98 F upon my arrival at Prairie and 95 in Hayden Lake at 6:30 p.m. I was approached on the trail by a couple of people today-- Joe, who is a Cross-country bike veteran- having done Boston to San Francisco and who offered me a place to camp in Post Falls, and by Patricia who is living in her camper at the state line rest stop with her 14 year old dog Sassy. Patricia is working for the State of Idaho as a highway flagger and waiting for payday and the next job. Things are kind of tough for Patricia right now, as her kids help her with her mortgage on her home in Deer Park and she tries to keep her stuff together with her intermittent work. Hang in there, Patricia-- better days are coming soon!
If you are headed east through Idaho from Spokane-- there's really only one way to do it enjoyably and safely, and that's the Centennial Trail.

Arrived at the home of Jeff Meagher and Tawny Lackaye in Hayden Lake, upon referral and enjoyed a great (late!) night out-- first to Jeff's excellent restaurant, "The Porch Public House" The Sweet Sesame Spinach Salad and Moon Burger come highly recommended by this gourmand! We returned to their place for some more wine and conversation-- once more, I'm blown away by hospitality and generosity-- thanks guys!

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