Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 9 Wednesday 7/15/09

Day 9 Wednesday 7/15/09

Medicine Lake to Spokane, WA

31 Miles

388 total miles

Today was reconfigure day! My old ride, Trek 720 needed some serious help: wobbly wheels, problems with handlebars, brakes and headset were contributing factors to my physical discomfort and unease over safety concerns on the bike. Coming down from Washington pass had been a serious endeavor... so I went into Spokane with the intention of fixing/repairing the bike and after doing the tallies as to what it would require to pull that off (not to mention the time in getting the necessary work done) I opted for a new bike. I spent the day at Spokane REI with the very helpful Carol and Dan who took great care of me and also managed to assist with some of the fit problems for gear that inevitably ensue with changing stuff out.. My big feet needed to clear the rear panniers, and the new bike, a Novara Randonnee, has shorter chain stays than the old Trek, thereby making clearances quite close. We are all set to go, and I took the bike on its cross-town maiden voyage, climbing up the hill along "High Drive" where I experienced a wonderful sunset and learned of the local sunset worship culture as many people were parked along the conyon rim overlook to enjoy the last rays of the day. I arrived at dusk to the home of Chris and Julianne Bradley and their children Easton and Isabelle, in the South Hill neighborhood. Great folks and another relaxing evening with good conversation. Easton (8) has his mind set on accompanying me out of town (at least for part of the distance) and I am looking forward to riding the Centennial Trail from Spokane to Couer d'Alene (say "coredalane") and then onto the next stop at Hayden Lake, ID.

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