Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 6 Sunday 7/12/09

Pateros to Bridgeport, WA

26 Miles, lazy day!

238 total miles

1800 calories

Rode through orchards & migrant camps to Chief Joseph Dam

After a relaxing breakfast in Pateros, rode to Brewster and visited the nice people at the local hospital to check out my hand (it's fine!) and stopped by the hardware store for some superglue to close the skin up since they couldn't stich anything 3 days later. The valley here opens up as you cross the Columbia at Brewster and weave your way along to Bridgeport through some cherry orchards and tent settlements. The town of Bridgeport is now pretty much a migrant settlement area, with several tiendas and mexican cafe's lining the main streets. The campsite just 2 miles above the 25 penstock Chief Joseph Dam is a quiet refuge, with shady trees, boat docks, a swimming beach and a nearby public golf course if you like that sort of thing! All in all a low-key, lazy Sunday afternoon. The promised rains of Sunday night never came until the early hours on Monday. I awoke to the sounds of shotguns on Monday morning and all I can figure is that it's dove hunting season in Washington.

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