Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 3 Thurday July 9, 2009

Day 3 Thurday July 9, 2009
Happy Birthday Richard (78) and Elaine (75)!!! Star-matched Lovers!
Newhalem to Granite Creek, WA
26 miles
111 Trip miles
3000 calories

Today was a bit challenging wit several hill climbs in succession as I wound my way up into the park. Climbed up past the Gorge powerhouse to the Gorge Lake overlook, then continued up the Skagit Drainage to the Diablo Dam and Diablo overlook. I met three other cycle tourists-- a couple from Langley, BC, Bill and Linda Pound, who are veteran tourists and doing a 2 week out and back loop from their home, and a 28 year old named Gary who is headed to Boston. I was very tempted to spend the night on the shores of Diablo Lake at Colonial Creek Campground where Bill and Linda were putting up for the night, but thought better of it, knowing that I had some good miles left in me. That decision also meant that I would need to push beyond the National Park boundary and find a makeshift campsite in the adjacent Okanogan National forest. I continued to ride, up successive climbs and descents, past the Ross Lake dam and overlooks-- some spectacular scenery, which will need to be uploaded at a later time when I can find a PC to use. Stopped by the roadside to take advantage of a refreshing ice-cold cascade pouring off the rocks. Had the 10 second timer all set to go on the camera for posterity's sake and ran over to the shower, slipped on the rocks and landed palm down on a sharp rock, putting a good puncture in my hand! The picture above is of me, either falling down or getting up (see the yellow shirt and the black ass?)! A little iodine and 2x2 bandage and we're back on the bike-- so much for the theatrics!

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