Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 7 Monday 7/13/09

Day 7 Monday 7/13/09

Bridgeport to Gramd Coulee Dam, WA

42 Miles

280 total miles

?? calories (Heart Rate Monitor not working!)

Was glad to have waited the extra day to make the trek from Chief Joseph Dam to Grand Coulee Dam, as this morning was a steady cool sprinkle which turned into a steady cool drizzle and which by the end of the ride was a soaking rain. This was good, as much of the ride was uphill, climbing up out of the Columbia valley onto a high volcanic basalt plateau. There were several dead rattlers squashed on the roadside-- no live ones to be seen-- this is usually dry and hot country, but remarkably there are significant stands of dry farmed wheat cultivated here. As I descended back into the Columbia valley I rode under the snapping, popping, sizzling high tension lines coming out of the dam. So BIG! So much power coming out of these facilities! Decided to spend the night here in Grand Coulee and dry my gear out in a motel room. A good choice, as I learned the next day about the climb out of the Columbia valley that lay in store for me!

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