Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 26 Friday 7/31/09 Malta to Glasgow, MT

Day 26 Friday 7/31/09

Malta to Glasgow, MT

70 Miles

1126 total miles

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  1. Hi Lee- We have been reading your blog with great interest. We returned home July 21 and wish we were still on the road- except for the incredible heat wave. Love reading your journal and hope your journey meets your expectations. Hopefully you will keep in touch. We were laughing at one of your days when the shoulders were so small and then when you reached a decent shoulder there was a rumble strip because we had about 100 km of the same thing when we were back in BC. I have wanted to ride the Hope -Princeton pass of the Crowsnest Hwy in BC for over 7 years now because the scenery is so beautiful but it was the biggest disappointment of the trip as the shoulder is so bad I could only concentrate on where my bike tires navigated the asphalt rubble and huge splits wanting to flip me into the ridiculous aggressive traffic all vying for top position on the road to Vancouver. The saddest part is that this section of Hwy is through the famous BC Manning Park and I missed most of it. I have read other articles that suggested this was not the way to cycle BC but I hoped to write an article expounding on its merits. That will not be happening. Of all the cycling we have done, it was the most dangerous. BC has a long way to go to be as cycle friendly as US Hwy 20- and as a proud BC-er that it a hard pill to swallow.
    Met up with Gary Evans again over a box of cherries in Okanogan and then after he dipped in the Skagit- we parted. Say hello if you see him again. Your pictures are great. I especially loved the one that captured you getting injured under the waterfall-amazing to have got that on film. Thanks also for really nice picture of us.
    Will continue to read with great interest. May the wind always be at your back. Good Luck.
    Linda and Bill