Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 29 Monday 8/3/09 Wolf Point to Culbertson, MT

Day 29 Monday 8/3/09
Wolf Point to Culbertson, MT
53 Miles
1229 total miles

Rode the first 20 miles out of Wolfpoint right into a blasting cold rainstorm, but I had a short goal of visiting some friends in Poplar, whom I had met at the powwow. On the road, I picked up a cross which I had found beside the road which had been left there by Carol Cruise, a right-leg amputee who was walking a perimeter path around the US. Carol had left the cross there with a message to pass it along to "someone to the south". In Poplar, I was the grateful guest of Monica, Leah and Mary Strauser and enjoyed Leah's excellent indian frybread (which I learned how to make-- recipe follows) and hot coffee. Delicious and high energy for the remainder of the ride to Culbertson which had quite a few hills near the end. I also passed the cross along to Mary, and during my visit there, their uncle Lew stopped in for drop-in visit, and who is, as things synchronisticly turn out, a right-leg amputee! We all marvelled at this strange happening and proceeded to eat those pieces of golden frybread!

Leah's Golden Indian Frybread
(recipe makes a lot!-- ~ 25 pieces)

8 cups white flour
1 cup non--fat dry milk
3/4 cup sugar
3 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp salt

Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly

To this mixture add:
3 tbsp oil
4 cups of WARM water

Mix briefly, leaving lumps in dough, and turn onto well-floured board (several cups of flour) and knead gently, taking care to not over mix or over knead-- dough should be moist and slightly sticky.

Roll dough about 1/2 inch thick

Heat 2 quarts of vegetable oil in dutch oven or deep pot

Cut dough into ~3"x4" rectangles and cut a slit in the center of each one.

Test one piece in the oil to check cooking temp... fry on each side about 2 minutes -- until golden brown. Cook the remaining pieces, no more than 3 at a time, to prevent oil from getting too cool.

Remove from oil and place on drain rack or paper towels.

Eat while hot!

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