Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 56 Sunday 8-30-09 Webbwood to South Baymouth, ON

Day 56 Sunday 8-30-09
Webbwood to South Baymouth, ON
78 Miles
2650 total miles

Today was one of those days that is made for cycling. Temps maybe a little cool at around 58-62 but high lofty cumulus puffs scattered across the sky, the sun shining brightly, and a tail-wind pushing me from the N/NW. Some incredible overlooks here on Manitoulin Island which has some heights at least 500 ft above lake Huron's level which is at 580 ft. above sea level. The island is the world's largest freshwater island and is home to 4 "First Nation" settlements, one of which, Shequiandah, claims to be the oldest settlement on Manitoulin at 9,500 years old. The landscape here is rolling, with a lot of limestone outcroppings. There are also large freshwater lakes scattered across the island. The island is a sacred place for the Anishinaabeg who have lived here and traveled to and from here for thousands of years. Dinner was at Carol and Earl's Restaurant and filled me to the gills, topped off with some of the highly recommended home-made pies. Blueberry for me! Tomorrow morning I sail for Tobermory on the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun (the Big Canoe). The crossing will take me to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula where I will ride towards Barrie.

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