Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 50 Monday 8-24-09 Munising to McMillan

Day 50 Monday 8-24-09
Munising to McMillan, MI
57 Miles
2328 total miles

Duchess the Dog I miss you!

What a beautiful day for a ride. Having arrived late the night before I was late to set up camp, late to eat and late to sleep-- guess what? I was late to get up as well! Left my beautiful beach spot at about noon and went into the town of Munising to do a little shopping, get some lunch and do some blogging, which you read about in the previous post. I finally hit the road out of Munising, headed to my warmshower hosts, Gary and Jan Barrett in McMillan, and knew that if all things went well I would arrive there just before dusk. Just before I reached the beginning of the famous Seney stretch, a 25 mile, flat, straight shot, I experienced another flat tire! Given my situation the previous day, I sought cause for the damage, in order that I not suffer the same fate just a few more miles down the road. The cause appeared to be a snakebite, with 2 small fang perforations next to one another on the sidewall of the tube. Given that I hadn't seen any roadside snakes since North Dakota I deduced a pinched tube, the result of an improper installation the previous day. After using my last spare tube, I mounted again and pushed across the Seney stretch into a mild head/cross-wind and reached Seney cross roads at about 8 p.m. With another 18+ miles to ride. I passed by the Seney National Wildlife Refuge where I was greeted by a pair of sandhill cranes who were so close to me I could nearly reach out and give them a stroke as I passed by. The male, a dark russet back and rich crimson head, cronked back at me as I greeted them. The rest of the ride followed rich pastoral scenes along the Manistique River past farms, forests and homes until I reached the Barrett's on Manistique Lake in McMillan. Gary was there to greet me with his strobes flashing, so I might better find them in their wooded location on the dirt road near the end of the county road I had just ridden. Gary had prepared a yaki soba noodle dish which was exquisite and Jan helped me out with laundry, warm shower was taken, great conversation and stories about some of Gary's past tours before I turned into a very comfortable bed somewhere around midnight. Morning soon arrived and was received by a wonderful breakfast and strong coffee! They pick their own berries and make their own jam have a great summer garden out of which came tasty string beans. Jan sent me off with a slice of her coconut cake and a beautiful greeting card with a photo of a sandhill crane she had taken. Much appreciated, Jan and Gary. Thanks for the great stay and take care until next time! I hope to make Sault-St. Marie by nightfall, although it's close to 80 miles and the weather calls for showers. Hope I can waltz between the raindrops!

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