Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 41 Saturday 8/15/09 Cass Lake to Grand Rapids, MN

Day 41 Saturday 8/15/09
Cass Lake to Grand Rapids, MN
57 Miles
1821 total miles

After 2 very relaxing days in Cass Lake it was time to hit the road again. The weather was very heavy and overcast, but at least the clouds gave some cover and the temps weren't as high. I rode through the Leech Lake Reservation and Chippewa National Forest and met another rider, Kevin Smith, of St. Cloud, who is in training for a ride of his own, down the Mississippi this coming September. We rode together from the town of Ball Club ( yes there is such a place!) to Deer River where we stopped for lunch. Not long after lunch, Kevin's crank fell off and he stopped for repairs and I kept going. The sky got very dark and a torrent came down. I took shelter under a gas station canopy for a while and waited out the storm. Heading east out of deer river, route 2 is all torn up for construction and I switched over into the construction area to get away from the 2way traffic and no shoulder on the eastbound lanes. With the exception of frequent piles of dirt in my way, sany surfaces, and mud, it worked pretty well and I was able to ride most of the remaining ride to Grand Rapids without fear of getting crushed by a semi truck. Once in Grand Rapids, I instantly knew that this was a paper mill town-- and the air was really heavy, just getting ready to burst open again. With the hopes of getting osme quick shopping done and continuing for another 20 miles or so before camping for the night, I headed into the grocery store, and just as I concluded my shopping the sky opened up again-- very wet! I decided against sloshing through the rain and opted for a cheap motel room tonight, with the complete luxury of fridge, TV and microwave. Ahh civliziation! Tomorrow it is supposed to rain some more, showers mostly, and I have to make up some lost time and distance if I want to make it to the UP of Michigan and a host there by next Wednesday night.

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