Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 54 Friday 8-28-09 Bruce Mines to Lake Lauzon, ON

Day 54 Friday 8-28-09
Bruce Mines to Lake Lauzon, ON
52 Miles
2527 total miles

Headwinds blowing out of the E-SE slowed me down as a change in weather is coming off Lake Huron. Passed along the "north channel" and through the Mississauga First Nation,Blind River and to the small RV resort at Lake Lauzon where the neighboring "Pelletier" clan of Sudbury and S.S.M. took me into their family reunion and feasted me with a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken and other goodies. I was relieved to not be eating noodles tonight, which was my plan, if I wasn't able to find a Friday night fish fry, which seem to abound in Great Lakes country. No such thing going on in Lake Lauzon-- something better instead! They told me a little bit about their family-- this was a reunion of 4 sisters, their children and spouses, totaling only 17 members. I say "only", because in relation to overall size of their family, this is a small gathering. They told me about their grandmother, matriarch of the family, and mother of 18 children who recently passed away at the age of 92. Well over 200 descendants were at the funeral, including some great-grandchildren. Got to bed at a reasonable time, and the rain finally came. It rained pretty hard all night and still into morning, as of this writing. I will need to get back on the bike and start riding again, but want to wait for the weather to break a bit more before heading eastward. The next 4 days forecast shows improving weather-- sunny days-- and I will try and make up for lost time today in the upcoming ride, but for the present moment, the mizzerale drizzable continual.

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